A Warm & Wonderful Welcome to Marnie’s World!

This safe, educational and entertaining webpage is a haven of joy for your child to learn, explore and create in!

What makes this site unique is there are NO Membership Fees and the videos are FREE … PLUS for a low cost, you have the wonderful option of downloading and/or burning longer - high resolution videos!

Let your child pick their favourite videos and make a mixed DVD!

New videos will be uploaded to this page on a regular basis and if your child’s favourite Marnie TV clip is removed from this page, it can be found on the SHOP Page, the entire collection of Marnie T.V. is always available there for download! Sign up for our Newsletter and keep up to date on New Marnie Tunes, New Marnie T.V. (Videos), Concert Dates and More!

Marnie’s World is a safe place for your child to:

Learn Recycling, Music, Math, Sign Language and MORE with Marnie and friends.

Laugh and Giggle their way through silly, belly jiggling jokes and cute and clever videos.

Create, Sing, Dance, Observe and Exercise with Marnie and her fuzzy and furry friends.

Design their own personal cyber space and become creative interior decorators at Marnie’s Place.

Rock n’ Roll and get down and boogie to funky Music with Marnie Tunes.

Bend, Stretch and Breath their way through fun and calming yoga and meditation videos.

Download and Burn Marnie Tunes and Marnie TV and Enjoy Music with Marnie Everywhere!

So, now it’s time for your little one to enjoy the world of Music with Marnie and for you to sit back, relax and join in on the fun as your child experiences the PLAY of Marnie’s World!


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Music with Marnie is a safe video website community for children, created by Canadian Children’s Musician and Children’s Entertainer Marnie Grey. It contains educational videos for children, music for children, yoga for children, exercise for children and sign language for children. Come here to download children’s music, download children’s videos and book this dynamic Children’s Performer and Children’s Band for your event.